LaRue House Movers and Sons, Inc.
"Proudly serving Florida and Georgia for over 60 years and counting."
"Specializing in Masonry and Historical Buildings"

LaRue House Movers and Sons Inc. has the experience, skill and equipment to accomplish these type of projects plus more!

House/Building Moving and Raising
We can move any brick, block, frame, stone, and slab buildings, commercial or residential, from one location to another. Even if they require being moved by barge, nothing is impossible. LaRue House Movers can also raise houses and buildings to build a new foundation, add a garage under, or simply get a better view. See our foundation repair site by clicking here.
Ship/Barge Moving and Launching
LaRue House movers have moved and launched several large ships and barges weighing hundreds of tons. We can assemble a portable rail system using steel beams and Hillman rollers to launch ANY ship or barge.
Bridge Moving and Jacking
LaRue House Movers had the jacking power to raise bridge decks to replace bearing plates or to gain more vertical clearance. LHM can move bridges on site or to a new location. If needed we can load on a barge and transport by water, nothing is impossible!
Heavy Shoring
We provide heavy shoring to raise and hold roofs, houses, and floor systems. We can add beams to a room to open it up without post or walls. We can shore up any type of structure, wall, roof, bridge, concrete structure or brick structure.
Heavy Hauling and Rigging
LaRue House Movers can haul many different objects such as concrete steel structural beams and stackers. We can move heavy machinery
over the road and in cases where cranes cannot access we can use our hydraulic dollies or Hillman rollers.
Foundation Repair
LaRue House Movers can raise and repair any foundation failure with permanent results by utilizing one of our foundation repair systems such as underpinning with steel piers, helical piers or pressure grouting. LaRue House Movers raises interior slabs, sidewalks, and driveways either by slab pins or pressure grouting. We can stabilize houses due to sinkholes utilizing a pressure grouting system. We install pre construction piers using steel piers, Helical Piers or poured piles to build your new house on which will guarantee against future settlement. We also level off grade frame houses, replace rotten sills, joist and add shake sills. See our foundation page by clicking here.

The name you can trust! 
LaRue House Movers & Sons  Inc.
315 South Vermont Ave
Green Cove Springs Florida 32043 

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